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My website portfolio

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Do you have a website that feels just too complicated to touch?
Or no web presence at all because you don’t know where to start?

This was true of all my clients to date, and look at them now, they’ve all created sites they love.



My new website is and looks radically different from my previous one. When I embarked on the journey of creating a new one I had no idea it would be like. I love it! From beginning to end I felt completely seen and heard. Rachel totally got what I do and what’s important to me in my work. All my values, my USP and what I want to offer to my clients is reflected in my website. And it looks more stunning and professional than I could ever have imagined. I appreciated the process, there was no rush and all my suggestions were taken on board. A truly wonderful result and experience.
— Karen - Green Space Coaching and Mindfulness


Rachel’s unique combination of website building expertise, sophisticated aesthetic sensibility and sensitivity to my creative requirements made the process of building a new website for my paintings a truly collaborative and supportive one.
— Vandika - Laura Thomson


Working with Rachel was easily the best web design and production experience I’ve had. She helped me think of every angle and plan realistically, so the process of working together was easy, fun and made a brilliant website. She is a warm and flexible person, has a great aesthetic, and totally got what our organisation is about.
— Esther, Globe Community Project


This experience has been is beyond amazing. Rachel has her fingers in lots of great pies and offered me incredibly useful resources and inspiration. I was able to skill-up on my areas of interest, which include accessible copy and eCourses.

I wanted a website that I can manage and alter all by myself. Rachel supported me to be completely independent of her, and to develop my own design capabilities.
— Natasha Lythgoe - The Art of rewilding


Rachel asked me good questions and I gained a lot of clarity and confidence about my healing work through that process.

I was impressed at the apparent ease and speed with which Rachel translated my rough material into a web presence which uncannily communicates who I am. She made most of the myriad decisions about colour, font, structure, style and image by herself. With very little going back and forth she created exactly what I needed. I am surprised that whole process was enjoyable and creative.

I have had very positive feedback. My work is always going to be by word of mouth, this site gives people something easy to share. It feels like stepping out into a more public world with the work I do. That feels empowering.
— Sukha Clark - Earth Sky Spirit


I found working with Rachel to be a really productive and affirming process. Once you provide her with what she needs she does a great deal of work in a short space of time to produce something new and beautiful!

Rachel’s style is clear, she speaks in real life language and has the patience of Job when it comes to edits and maybes and what abouts. She teaches you how to make updates and wants you to succeed.
— Rosemarie Bennis - Sonas Health Foods


Starting a project with Rachel I recognised her almost deceptively relaxed approach to practical, technical tasks.
I was surprised by how empowering and enjoyable it was to build a website. She encouraged me to find out what I liked, signposting me to resources and letting me find my way. Then she turned that into my online presence.

I like the end product and the process of getting there - how great is that?
— Kava - Kava Counselling


Rachel was a delight to work with from beginning to end. Her creativity, sensitivity and sense of humour supported me through a project that was deeply personal to me. I felt she really took the time to understand want I wanted and the end result really reflects who I am.
— Singhashri - The Radical Embrace


As a yoga teacher, it’s crucial to have a professional and inspiring webpage. I love teaching, but feel a lot of resistance about presenting and promoting myself in social media.
Collaborating with Rachel in building my own webpage helped me get going and actually fully enjoy the process! It was smooth, fun and creative and helped me formulate for myself and my audience what kind of service I am offering. I’m happy and proud of what we created together.
— Anna-Karin Darpö - Yoga


Here’s where it all started. This is my own site for Red Ladder Studio’s Dharma Arts project. It was through making this site that I fell back in love with web design.

My clients, to date, are all creative people with something unique and valuable to offer the world. I see my job as helping to remove one of the obstacles that gets in their way. Overly complex and intimidating website platforms.

I feel passionately about Squarespace as a user friendly platform that lets non-techy people manage their own websites and share with the world what they have to offer.