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Creative web design with a personal touch

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We’ll work together, with Squarespace, to create a beautiful website. Once finished you’ll take control, keeping your online home alive and vibrant.



Your website is not doing you justice? Maybe it doesn't reflect who you are? Or you're just fed up with paying a web developer every time you want to make any changes?



You have a project but no website? We'll work together to design a site that truly expresses who you are and what your project has to offer the world.


Either way, I’ll turn your vision into a site you can be proud of. Then hand it over to you with a couple of training sessions. You'll be ready to take the wheel yourself, knowing you can call on me anytime.


Why Squarespace is the answer?


 “Squarespace has beauty ‘built in’.”

The number one reason is aesthetics. I like to create beautiful online spaces that are simple and easy to navigate. Unlike other platforms Squarespace has beauty ‘built in’. 

Peace of mind
With Squarespace you don’t have to worry about plug-ins, software updates, hosting and all that techy stuff. Squarespace takes care of all that leaving you free to do what is more important, creating beautiful and valuable content. 

Endless possibilities 
What do you want to do online? Whatever it is, I bet you can do it on Squarespace. Blogging, podcasts, audio, visual galleries, portfolios, videos, online courses, ticket sales, online shops and e-commerce. 
You name it and you can do it here.


“Control your content without having to learn anything complicated”

Your website is your presence online, it wants to be alive, interesting and continually changing. With a Squarespace website you get to take control of the content without having to learn anything complicated or having to pay an expensive web developer to do it for you. 

Squarespace build all known SEO best practices into every site. They’ve implemented various strategies into their systems to help your site appear in search engine results. So, instead of worrying about being found, you get to put all your energy into creating something worth finding. 

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Choose Squarespace and look good wherever you show up

All Squarespace websites are optimised with responsive design, allowing your site to adjust to the format of any mobile device or browser. 

So rest assured, no matter what the screen size, you'll always look good. 

Squarespace Responsive design

I wanted a website that I can manage and alter all by myself. Rachel supported me to be completely independent of her.
— Natasha Lythgoe - The Art of rewilding