When to add a new sitemap

Adding a new sitemap to google

One of the helpful things that Squarespace does is to automatically create a sitemap for your site. A sitemap helps google to crawl through your site more effectively and therefore improves your SEO. Squarespace on sitemaps.

Whenever you make changes to your site it takes a little while for google to find them. Therefore, if you make a lot of changes you might want to add a new sitemap to speed that process up.

Luckily it is really easy to do this, as long as you’ve added your site to Google Search Console (if you’ve not done that yet, check out the instructions here).

How to add a new sitemap in 39 seconds!

  1. Make sure you are logged in to Google.

  2. Go to Google Search Console.

  3. Select the website you want to update, you most likely only have one site.

  4. Go to Sitemaps in the left hand menu.

  5. Then add sitemap.xml after your URL in the box on the right.

  6. Press SUBMIT.

That’s it, easily worth 39 seconds of your time, but only really worth remembering for those times when you make a lot of changes in one go.