Squarespace and Social Media

Squarespace and Social Media
Social Media links

Linking social media

You are probably going to want to connect your site to social media. The first thing to understand is that links go in two directions -

Share buttons

Allow people to share your stuff on their social media (free advertising). These appear automatically on ‘blog posts’ and ‘products’. You can include links to most platforms that people might want to share on.

Social Links

These are links from your website to your own social media, so only include the ones you are active on. People clicking the link will be taken to your Instagram page, Facebook page, Linkedin etc.

Embedding your own social streams into your site

This is a third option and allows you to embed your streams, timelines etc into your site. Perhaps making it more tempting for your audience to click, explore, and hopefully become a follower. You can’t embed all social media, at the moment it works with the following - Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, Flickr, Foursquare, 500px and Bandsintown.

Instagram, Twitter and what to do about Facebook?

Instagram can really add something to your site. You just create a new block in the page and choose Social Blocks > Instagram. There you can choose your layout, how many pics to display, to display by tag etc. I think visually it it works really well, here’s my Instagram feed.

I don’t really use Twitter as you can see from my one post opposite, which was 5 months ago! But if you do, you can add it easily in the same way as you add Instagram. Choosing how many Tweets to show and so on.

When it comes to Facebook things get a bit more tricky. It’s possible to add the feed but it means using code or plugins and then you start to get away from the simplicity of Squarespace. Also, the Facebook plugins I’ve seen are pretty ugly and can spoil the look of a page. I’m sure at some point Squarespace will add facebook to it’s list.

Meanwhile the way I work around it is to have my primary posting place as Instagram, but share each post with facebook. So I’m posting to FB via Instagram.

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