Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Here, I’m going to tell you how to add your site to google. Normally this is the kind of thing I would do for clients but google is like Fort Knox with their double security checks and secret text message codes. It’s super hard for me to log into your account. Let’s face it there’s every chance you won’t make it into your own google account!

I don’t recommend doing this on your mobile while on the bus, instead plan a free half hour, when you’re not likely to be distracted and it should be pretty straightforward.

Squarespace analytics

How’s your site doing?

Remember to check your analytics from time to time. If you go to the Home Menu >> Analytics you’ll find a long list of charts telling you who’s looking at your site, where they are living, what pages they’re clicking on and so on. The list to the right is just a fragment.

If I go into “Activity Log’ I can see that someone in Hemel Hempstead was reading my latest blog post a couple of hours ago, and that the same person read the same blog post two days ago, they must have liked it! Over lunch today people in Ireland, the US, Stockholm and Brighton checked out my web-design page and various retreats.

Sometimes working online can be like shouting into the void, with analytics you know that someone is hearing you.

Download the free Squarespace Analytics mobile app to your phone from App Store.

Squarespace Analytics is pretty good, do you really need to bother with Google?

Verify your site with Google Search Console

Why should I bother?

  1. To find out what keywords people have been searching who find your site.

  2. To see if other people have put links to your site in their site.

  3. To flag up any missing or broken links in your site.

(Read the full Squarespace article here)

First check that you have a google account (if you have gmail then you definitely have one) and that you know your login details.

In the Home menu go to Settings >> Connected Accounts >> Connect Account >> Google Search Console.
Then you’ll be asked to sign in to your google account. Click Allow.

When you then login to Google Search Console you’ll see the screen below. From the menu on the left, click Sitemaps. On the right it will say ‘add a new sitemap’, your URL will already be there and you just need to add sitemap.xml to the box. 

That’s it, you’re done!

Here’s some of the information you can find on Google Search Console -

Overview you can see how your site is performing and see if there are any errors or missing information.

Sitemaps you can add a new site map if you’ve made major changes to your site in a short amount of time.

Links you can see all your links, internal and external. You can also see who is linking to you.

Using Google Search Console

Connect your site to google analytics

(Read the full Squarespace article here)

Do I really have to bother with this?

Short answer, no, but yes!
Chances are that squarespace analytics is already telling you more than you need to know. You have to ask yourself if there might be a time in the future where you want more detailed information on how visitors interact with your site. For example audience demographics, who are they? The Flow of how they navigate the site, etc. Google analytics gives you a mind boggling amount of information. Who wants their mind boggled? Maybe the future you!

But honestly, you can leave this bit out (sigh of relief, for you, I still have to explain how to do it!).

Sign up at Google Analytics Then follow these instructions to get your tracking ID from Google

Next you are going to add your Google Analytics tracking ID to Squarespace.
In the Home Menu >> Settings >> Advanced >> External API Keys. In the Google Analytics Account Number box, enter your tracking ID for this site.

Good work! Please get in touch if you need any help with this and let me know if any of these instructions were unclear or could be improved!